Cuppachoice (SG) [Closed]

On to the way to the bus stop, I passed by Chinatown and remembered there is a coffee shop nearby.

So, I went in, decided to go for a macadmia latte after reading 3 boards of coffee menu.

The barista was kind enough to serve me a dessert plate and fork to have my K Ki’s Noisette there. Wonderful!

Nut roasted coffee never failed to attract me, however, I was always dissapointed because I couldn’t taste the nut. Probably it’s my lack of taste sensitivity.

(If you are their Facebook fan, you get 10% off!)

Nonetheless, the coffee was creamy and rich, just enough sweetness  and milk to carry the coffee through. I will be back!

other review here

Address: 3 Temple Street, Chinatown, Singapore 058556

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