K Ki take-away box

I wanted to visit this Japanese French bakery K Ki since it was reviewed intensively by different blogs and magazines 1-2 years ago. Finally I got my chance when I moved to city centre. This little bakery store also sells knit-knats in the same premise.

K Ki's Noisette S$8

Mont Blanc was my priority here, however, they were not ready serving it until an hour later. So, I made do with the newly launched Noisette (Hazelnut) cake S$8. I will be back for mont blanc soon.

I took away the cake, and the packaging was thoughtful. In the cake box, there was an ice-pack stuck the one side of the wall, and the cake was secured to the base of the box with a tape. I was impressed.

Texture wise, the cake was light, with good hazelnut flavour and some nutty textured layer against the interlayering soft sponges.

I guess Japanese cake is subtle in all areas, because if I were to expected good cake with full on flavour and contrasting textures like the wonderful Parisian ones, it’s just not it. Of course, it’s a good cake still.

 numerous other reviews as follow…

Address: 7 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069791

Kki Facebook


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