Centre PS’ macarons (SG)

I stumbled upon this cake shop from an online food search and so happy to find out that it’s near to my newly rented apartment. Centre PS is a cake shop located at the oldest estate in Singapore.

This part of Singapore is old but charming, being central in the city, quite a few new restaurants flock to it and try to blend their shop facades into the quaint neighbourhood.

A box of 2 for S$4.50; a box of 5 for S$10; a box of 10 for S$18. So, it all depends if you are keen on the macarons.

That evening I visited, not many macarons left. The 5-piece macarons set was already pre-packed and so couldn’t really choose whichever flavourI fancy. I did request for a customised one and the girl who attended to my request was kind enough to do just that.

I got Champagne, Bergamot, Black Sesame, Caramel and Chocolate Lavender.

The cake selection was on promotion when I was there. Buy 3 get 1 free.

The texture of the shell was crispy. Filling was firm and flavours were spot on. Good quality macarons I must say. Pricing is reasonable too. I will be back to try other flavours and petite cakes they have to offer.


Address: 78 Guan Chuan St160078
Tel No: 6220 1285


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