Hippopotamus Grill (SG)

Located coveniently on the floor level of Marina Square shopping centre.

On a Sat evening, we were deciding on Carl’s Junior burger and this grill restaurant.

I heard they do French food (my favourite), so the set menus at the entrance managed to entice us in.

Complimentary homemade chips

 Pretty good. And we sprinkled a lot of ground black pepper from the wooden grinder available on each table.

French onion soup

French onion soup (part of the $29.90 set menu) was not bad at all. Flavourful, but the beef stock (if it’s) was not rich.

Grilled Barramundi $18.90++

I had only a main course (which came with 3 side dishes and a choice of sauce). This was grilled barramundi $18.90++ served with bearnaise sauce. The skin was crispy and tender flesh, fish could do more with seasoning.

3 choices of side dishes

Here was my choice of 3 side dishes. Ratatouille, baked potato (served with sour cream on the side) and potato gratin. All sides agreed with me.

Double Stack Beef Burger

Here was the main course of double stack beef burger as part of the $29.90++ set menu. Bebe didn’t like it, beef wasn’t that great.

XL Ribeye Steak

Here was cousin’s XL ribeye steak, cooked medium well. I had a bite, not bad at all, but somehow the flavour wasn’t satisfying.

The peach & raspberry sorbet dessert $10.90++. Quite refreshing.

Creme Brulee

The creme brulee was part of the set meal. We thought it was pretty nice. Chilled custard I wish, but the consistency was still good. The brulee sugar hard crust on top got us all hyped out at the end of the dinner.

Overall, this restaurant deserves a visit. I might be back.


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