Bonheur Patisserie (SG)

Located at 70 Duxton Road, conveniently tucked away in the midst  of bridal shops.

Bonheur Patisserie's cakes inside

It serves petit cakes and also custom make wedding cakes. Macarons to come I was told.

Chocolate Tart

Love this to bits. Carefully made, thick yet soft luscious chocolate ganache at the top. Once you break the fork in, the bottom layer
shows chocolate mousse specked with dried citrus fruit and hazelnuts. They all added up to a very texture-ful filling and great taste.
The chocolate macaron had a hint of lavender. Love the flavour and the shiny shells.

Green tea cake on the left; Caramel opera on the right

Ooo, I was so excited to see the green tea mini macaron atop of the green tea cake inter layered with azuki mousse in the middle.
I adore the full on green tea flavour of the cake, the macaron and the green tea filling left me pining for their launch of macaron selection. Can’t wait!

Caramel Opera overall was good, soft sponge cakes with great coffee & chocolate flavour, caramel layers were a little weak.

Bonheur Patisserie's cakes

I also got a Balsamic Peach cake with soft mousse inside. Thought this was too sweet and lack lustre compared to others above.
At the time of purchase, there was an offer of Buy 3 Get 1 free. Pretty darn good deal!

Bonheur Patisserie's cakes

Another angle of the four items hunted. Nice eh?
I can’t wait to go back to sit in the next time.
Hopefully, macaron selection is available then.


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