Laurent Bernard Chocolate Bar (SG)

Choc Souffle with Cherry Sherbet S$16++

I read a blog review about a shop serving marvellous chocolate souffle at Roberston Quay.

I dug deeper and met with Laurent Bernard title. My eyes lit up. I have since made a point to visit this store in Singapore.

Choc Souffle with Cherry Sherbet S$16++

This would be the trio combination served. The tart sherbet counter the richness of chocolate.
Souffle was perfectly made. Look at the crusty and almost perfectly levelled top. Inside was fluffy and chocolatey.
The side cream mixed with fresh vanilla bean lighten up the souffle.

Hot Chocolate S$9++

This hot chocolate was so comforting.
We enjoyed the oiliness of the cocoa bean together the smooth chocolatey liquid using 76% cocoa.

[Picture to come]
Creme Brulee
used to be served with 3 raspberries. Serious. Saw a few good reviews and pictures. Now, only 1 was served. Oh well.

Our cousin thought the sugar crust was not burnt enough, hence the top sugar crust was not properly formed and not consistent. Custard itself was chilled, creamy and good.

Peach Tea S$6++

Cousin J said the tea was fruity and blended well. It was actually denoted with a more attractive title. Couldn’t remember here.

3 scoops of ice-cream S$11++

We love the nutty hazelnut flavour.
Mango sorbet tasted pretty good with the right sourness and mangoey taste.
While caramel flavour was weak, but still good, funnily enough, it tasted like Maltesers / Sneakers fused ice-cream.

Smooth ice-cream it was, no bits.

Now, this dessert bar is going to have my monthly visit to satisfy the chocolate craving pants.

For some trivia about this chocolatier, see here.

Address: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-11 The Pier @ Robertson
Opening Hours: 12pm – 11pm daily


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