Mon breakkie @ Kith Cafe; Noon tea @ Vanilla Bar&Cafe

I managed to visit 3 cafes in a day.

2 cafes in the post here and 3rd one in the next post (it’s PS Cafe by the way, watch out for it).

Kith Cafe - Latte S$3.80 and Grilled Banana Bread S$4.50

It’s Mon, and I have never been so excited about Mon morning if not for it’s an off day to extend to Vesak Tuesday this year.

So, after running chores at home. I rushed out from the door to this nearby Kith Cafe that has been on my cafe list for a while.

I read recommendations on Foursquare app on iPhone to order latte and the banana bread.

Hence, I followed and boy I was rewarded.

Nice creamy latte to go with the crusty banana-ey bread slices served with whipped cream.

If only I could have this breakfast on every Mon.

Love the wooden and relaxing (well, not really as the kitchen and counter are handling most of the incoming traffic) interior here,
and outdoor seating are just as good overlooking Singapore river.


Then, during noon time. I accompanied bebe to a job interview in CBD.

So, I roamed around Telok Ayer St and Amoy St and met with

Vanilla Cafe & Bar.

Read somewhere that they served good food.

Vanilla Cafe Bar interior

I only had time for a quick cool sip. So ordered Ice Early Grey at S$4.95 (including 10% service charge).

Uhuh, pretty dear for a iced tea as below right? Oh well, what to do.

It was cooling and fragrant enough.

Vanilla Cafe Bar - Iced Earl Grey

Not sure when I’m able to come back to CBD during weekday to proceed with their main courses or desserts. Someday I guess.

If you got a chance to do so, paste a link for me to visit.


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