PS Cafe @ Palais Renaissance (SG)

During day 3 of this long stretch of weekend in May, I wanted to lunch at central where I can’t during normal weekday.

Thought to go somewhere away from the crowd while being in central, PS Cafe came to my mind as I was impressed the first time round at Dempsey Hill branch.

Of course, we expected OVERPRICED food here, but somehow the ambiance and interior managed to keep drawing the crowds in.

And the almost sinful display of large sized cakes on the counter.

Crab Tart S$29++

Check out their dish description on the weblink if interested. I shall not repeat here.

The sauce if tasted on its own, pretty strange. When poured onto the tart and combined with the kennel of spicy paste on the side, they worked together. Crab meat was sufficient, not too little.

Overall, the crab tart (or rather crab quiche in a tart shell) was ok. Wasn’t too impressed taste and texture wise.

Soft Shell Crab Sandwich S$26++

Bebe ordered this set for his lunch. We loved the dressing on their side salad, light and yet so flavourful.
The sandwich bread were thick, toasty and crusty.
While the fried soft shell crab with avocado slices and other fillings inside were just nice to beat the hunger.

Service was diligent, water was filled up religiously. We managed to get a seat for two during peak hour at 1pm without any reservation.

Iced Chocolate S$6.50++ (no picture)
It tasted richer than it looked. Malty and chocolatey. Nice.

Truffle Fries S$15++ (enough for 3 – 4 persons)
Aiks, left out taking the pictures.
Be warned, the portion is huge, too huge even for 2 persons. Come here with more friends if you’re ordering this
I rather they cut down the portion and price too.

And we think Skinny Pizza’s cheaper truffle fries are actually better. More value for money too!

Alright. Here I conclude my second visit to PS Cafe at this other branch.
S$90 something for two this time round.

Will I be back? I think maybe brunch or just cake (S$12-15 per slice, portion is good for sharing though) with tea/coffee.

Not anymore main course for now. My wallet is screaming ouch already!


4 thoughts on “PS Cafe @ Palais Renaissance (SG)

  1. Ladee Rickard says:

    The softshell crab sandwich looks good. Where is this restaurant located? I am trying to figure out the S$12 currency and see what the costs were in comparative US$. Thanks for the pictures!

  2. adel says:

    I’m based in Singapore at the moment, Palais Renaissance is one of the shopping centres along shopping road (Ochard Road) here, and that’s where this cafe is located. They have other branches too. You could check out their website for different branch has a different menu.

  3. EnDi Nguyen says:

    hi, i saw in e website they have 4 branches, 2 at orchard, 1 at raffles and 1 around buona vista area. Will it be cheaper for those in non-Orchard area? Thanks :)

  4. adel says:

    Hi! All the four branches have different menus actually but in the same price range, the sweets are almost the same in the 4 branches though. Harding Rd one is pretty nice for a romantic dinner…

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