Ben & Jerry’s new Clusterfluff [review]

It was a Friday night.

Felt like I commited a crime.

After dinner, I decided to take a stroll to the nearby plaza to browse around and run some errands.

Suddenly, I had this craving for sweet stuff.

Thought of the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves desserts, nah. Some cakes from the basement deli counters nah.

Then, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream hit!
(when I found out all the Dreyer’s Original Rocky Road were gone)

And I grabbed two tubs at an offer price of SGD22.85.

Clusterfluff one.

I succumbed to this peanut buttery ice-cream base dotted with lots of caramel clusters and more peanut butter swirls.
100ml at whopping 350 kcal! It was worth it!

If you are looking for salty and sweet dessert, and a new flavour. Hit this one!

Strawberry cheesecake was alright, got it because Cherry Garcia was out.

I will reward myself with this again after a few bouts of running.


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