Da Paolo Gastronomia – Choc Hazelnut Caramel Fudge cake

I feel stressed from the day’s work at site

And for no reason this sudden chocolate craving hit me

I was thinking to put it off until the next day where I can go The Patissier for a visit
To get the Double Choc Praline and also Passion Fruit Meringue (see upcoming post)

But NO, my craving won’t give in
It urged me to get something chocolatey

I thought of taking away the chocolate tart YET to try from Laurent Bernard (at Roberston Quay)

Then, it’s a bit a walk

So, I remembered the gourmet store by Da Paolo at the basement of Great World City *Ding*

Wide array of cakes available in the containers $7 - $9.50

Portion is relatively bigger compared to the western cake shops

I chose the most chocolatey and richest cake I could find

Good for 2-3 persons sharing.
And there were 4 1/2 layers making this cake up! 1/2 layer is the thin caramel layer between mousse, sponge and mousse. The thick hazelnut crunchy base was absolutely indulging.

Here it is


I only managed half of it

Half of it for tomorrow


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