Cafe & Cake hopping @ Ann Siang Rd/Duxton Rd/Craig Rd

I got to work from home on a Tuesday, so, before rolling into the stream of e-mails and drawings.

I decided to hop out of bed, head straight to Chinatown for a breakfast and coffee first.

Chinatown walkabout route

Mainly to visit the places that I couldn’t go to during weekday nor weekend.

I have visited the following 2 cafes and 1 pastry shop.

Look out for the respective post coming up one by one!

The Plain

50 Craig Road, #01-01
Singapore 089688
6225 4387
Subway: Outram Park
Open Daily 7:30am-7:30pm
*just published on 30-May-2011*

The Pigeon Hole

52/53 Duxton Road
Opening hours:
Tue – Thu: 10am – 11pm
Fri: 10am – 1am
Sat: 11:30am – 1am
Sun: 11:30am – 11pm
*just published on 1-June-2011* 

The Patissier

18, Ann Siang Road #01-01 S(069698)
T: 62205565 F: 62275565
Business hours :
Monday~Friday from 10.30am~7pm
Saturday~Sunday: closed
*just published on 3-Jun-2011* 

I spent about S$24 hopping between these 3 places. A breakfast, coffee, dessert and a cake. Not too bad ^_^

And below are some of the pictures snapped along the way.

1929 Boutique Hotel @ Keong Saik Road, Chinatown

along Keong Saik Road, Chinatown

along Ann Siang Road, Chinatown

Screening Room at Ann Siang Road, Chinatown


One thought on “Cafe & Cake hopping @ Ann Siang Rd/Duxton Rd/Craig Rd

  1. just when I thought I could take a break from all these sweet things for a while (not complaining about them), 2 more just launched along Orchard Rd, they are Antoinette Patisserie (Mandarin Gallery) and Pique Nique at B2, Takashimaya..
    actually, one more called Sweets Garibaldi at Mandarin Gallery too..
    here I come my beloved sweets

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