The Plain (SG)


 I came across The Plain review countless times on various local food blogs.

I waited weekend after weekend to find a chance to have breakfast here.

Finally, I made it on a Tues morning.

As the first stop of my Chinatown walkabout.

The Plain interior

I was using GPS to find the cafe, nearly missed it while walking along Craig Road as the facade seems so ordinary like one of the offices.
The dim lighting in the cafe was exuding coziness and it was buzzing too.

I thought I will be able to have a quieter cafe to myself, at around 9.45am, there were a lot of
office people hanging about (don’t they have to work?)

Only CASH is accepted here.
I am always cashless, depending on NETS or credit cards most of the time.
Dug into my wallet, only have S$7!

So, I only ordered half portion of Darling Egg. Skipped the coffee sadly.

Darling Egg flowing

From online pictures, I thought this sourdough slice was very thin.
How could it hold up all the ingredients. Won’t it turn soggy fast?

Trying it here myself, the bread was actually more than 1cm thick, crusty at the edges.

And it managed to hold up to the egg, tomato, cheese and ham. Well done.

Service was prompt.

Anyway, I will be back with bebe to enjoy the almost romantic and cozy ambiance and coffee.

~~Oct 2014~~

After 3 years…I returned here with him…

Affogato (left) and Flat White (right) about $10 for this pair…the latter was good, affogato uses ordinary off the shelf vanilla flavoured ice-cream so that was so so

Address: 50 Craig Rd Singapore 089688


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