The Pigeonhole (SG) [Closed]


After the half Darling Egg breakkie at The Plain cafe. Here comes my 2nd stop of Chinatown walkabout.

I turned into Duxton Road from Craig Road hoping that they accept NETS (cashless bank transaction).

Phew, they do!

Only for purchase above S$10. Fine with me.

Here's my latte S$4.50- and chocolate bread butter pudding S$6-

Both were decent.

I was in just on the dot, the opening time of the cafe.

big window overlooking Duxton road

So, I placed my order. And took a seat in the other room.

Enjoying the liberty of having the cafe all for myself and started taking pictures of the retro interior.

It hit me as a familliar room that I was used to as a kid.

Be it my old house, at grandma’s house or actually some of my relatives’ houses back in the small town in Malaysia.

Top view of latte and choc bread pudding

The custard to the pudding was pretty smooth. Like the addition of bitter chocolate. And croissant version.

And another shot of bread pudding at The Pigeon Hole


A quiet morning sipping coffee, reading random old books available from the cafe …

This good 35 minutes had to come to an end unfortunately, when a couple entered the premise with a photographer snapping seemingly wedding pictures. Of course, I didn’t feel at ease and so I left.

A different cafe I must say.

There are many other cafes to explore still.

So, I reckon it will take me a while to come back here.

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Address:  52/53 Duxton Road


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