The Patissier (SG)

Facade of The Patissier on 18, Ann Siang Road

Stopping by this patisserie is the finale part of Chinatown walkabout.

Passion Fruit Meringue Cake S$6.42 (w/GST)

Everyone seems to recommend this cake according to the blogs and some online magazines.

I will tell you what I think.

It’s great! And this is not it …

It brought back memories of my childhood favourite meringue dessert made by a local cake shop back in Malaysia.
Tucked away along a row of neighbourhood houses, which only my dad (among our family) knows how to get there.
I wonder if the bakery still exist.
I could eat up to 3 pieces of that meringue desserts topped with wonderful assorted chopped fruits.

more Passion Fruit Meringue Cake shots, since this is the only cake I bought

The passion fruit gelee swirl, custard layers, chopped strawberries and peaches were a great combo.
The crunchy meringue exterior enveloping the soft sponges,
it’s like an interesting Swiss roll full of surprises abound.

The best part – it’s light and I woofed it down within 8 minutes.

The most memorable part – my childhood favourite dessert was evoked.

Address: 18, Ann Siang Road #01-01, Singapore 069698
                      4, Mohd Sultan Road #01-01,  Singapore 238955

Now, also available at the food hub basement of Takashimaya, Orchard Road under the name Smitten…by The Pattisier

The Pattisier Facebook


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