Wan Chai HK Tea Room 湾仔香港奶茶店 (SG)

Wan Chai (湾仔)  is probably the best Hong Kong Tea Room (茶餐廳 ) or rather in its genre I’ve tried in Singapore.

Met by chance really when I was working in IBP (International Business Park) in Jurong East.

One of the branches located at Level 3 at IMM Shopping Mall is one of our lunch staples.

The last visit was 3 years ago. And on a Sun afternoon we were there, the menu prices are up by about S$1.20 for hot dishes, ah the inflation, still acceptable anyway I guess.

Cold Yuan Yang Nai Cha (Milk Coffee & Tea) S$3

We didn’t expect this cold caffeinated drink to come with a vanilla scoop, blended in well with the thick tea & coffee base, cool.

Seafood Crispy Noodle S$7.50

Seafood Crispy Noodle S$7.50

The crispy noodle was served as it’s claimed to be. And the tasty hoisin sauce base together with the fresh chunky seafood items atop were a great combination for
multiple-textured enjoyment.

Wasabi Cheesy Seafood Baked Rice S$9

I love the top coat of the wasabi mixed mayonnaise & melted cheese covering the fresh prawns, mussels and fish slices underneath.
The buttered rice base dotted with plump raisins were not bad. Rich dish but worth it.


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