Espressamente Illy (SG)

Cappuccino Freddo

A stop over at this cooling and relaxing cafe was totally unplanned. A beautiful accident shall we say.

Located at the floor level of Studio M hotel along No 3, Nanson Road (right opposite Book Cafe).

I had a mid morning well spent here.

Ordered a chilled coffee drink after a morning walk, it’s the S$7++ Cappuccino Freddo where there’s a thick layer of frothy milk atop the milky coffee.

Illy coffee products on the shelves up for purchases

This cafe is under ILLY coffee as far as I’m concerned (maybe Illy licensed cafe), so, you could find all things ILLY here to buy.
That means, all coffee (hot or cold) beverages on the menu are using Illy roasted coffee beans.

As a bonus, the cake counter displayed tempting array of petit cakes which I aim to try next time. Oh yes, they serve hot food too.

OCBC card holders are entitled to 15% discount for any amount spent. Nice.

another shot of Cappuccino Freddo S$7++

Service was attentive.

And I adore the subtle scent lingering in the well air-con cafe.

There were magazines and newspapers of the day for customers to read while enjoying a cuppa.

The outdoor seating seemed inviting too. Bet it’s going to serve a weekend evening caffeine trip well.

I will be back =)

~added on 17 June 2011~

Cappuccino Freddo supossedly looked like from

Huh? Am I served the wrong coffee, realised this after a week! Now, I’m disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Espressamente Illy (SG)

  1. When I saw the title of your post, I was hoping that it’d feature Illy’s coffee. I heart Illy’s coffee, and it’s great to know that this place sells their products. If you didn’t mention it here, I’d never have known:)

  2. Hi there, actually, it’s a cafe by Illy. I will replenish on this post that all the coffee served in the cafe uses Illy coffee beans including the one on this post. Make a trip there, hope you like it :)

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