Arteastiq Tea Lounge (SG)

Arteastiq seating

This is my nth GROUPON dining adventure. When it was up for S$12 for S$24 value, I snapped up two coupons thinking I could use up to three coupons at one table.

However, note that it’s only 1 coupon usage for 2 pax per table. Oh well. I have one left which I’m not interested in using anymore.

Hot Chocolate S$9++

By the tone of it, I’m sure you get the inkling that I’m not pleased with my first visit to this tea lounge. No, it wasn’t horrible just unpleasant.

I read reviews on this furniture/tea lounge hybrid shop, they seem positive. No doubt, the interior was quiet and very pleasant.

Coming to food, this hot chocolate didn’t carry any weight. Made up of instant hot chocolate and covered with an art on top which didn’t salvage the cheap tasting chocolate drink.

French Rose Tea S$11++

I have had a fair share of floral tea as I do stock on rosebud, lavender and others alike.

This one tasted just the same the ones I have, just that one cup of this is at the same price of a bag of rose bud tea I bought.

Turkey Ham Sandwich with Mushroom Soup and Salad S$11++

The turkey ham & cheese sandwich was alright. Served almost cold. The mushroom soup fared the best, with lots of mushroom chunks inside though the soup was almost watered down. The salad served with red wine vinegar was alright.

Evening tea time at Arteastiq's lovely plush chairs

Overall, I like the quiet and serene interior here. It was during a Sun dinner time which explains it.

The tea and small bites here are ordinary.

Service here was slow and not responsive.

I will be back, only to use the other leftover coupon.


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