Arteastiq Tea Lounge II (SG)

Chocolate Cake

I have one more $12 for $24 Groupon voucher left (see my 1st visit).

So, I bought a Chanel look alike dinner bag at Orchard and thought of chancing for a seat here to rest my legs in the early Friday evening.

Phew, I got one cozy (almost) corner to myself, next to a table full of girls gossiping loudly.

I actually ordered a chocolate cheese cake but the waitress got it wrong.
Oh well, she was nice to replace it anyhow with a smile, even though I took a bite of the chocolate cake already.

Chocolate cheese cake was alright, a little tangy and gelatinous at the filling, soggy biscuit base though.  Ain’t great.

Dessert Tea – Ginger tea with dark chocolate gelato

Sucked into the deep sofa, it was rather challenging to sip tea and have the small bites from the coffee table at knee height.

The ginger tea was served cold and tasted sweet, no zing. The addition of dark chocolate gelato was alright, no magical flavour bust, moreover gelato itself lacked body.

Food aside, it could be a great solace in the midst of busy Orchard Road (only if the next tables aren’t in such a close distance and full of loud people).


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