Laurent’s Cafe & Chocolate Bar II (SG)

Laurent Bernard

We had dinner at 6pm, and by the time we were here, it was only 8pm.

Most people were still tucking into their dinner at this time on a weekend, so, we had a relatively spacious room to ourselves.

Crispy Chocolate Tarte SGD7.90++

Everyone raves about the chocolate tart here.
Naturally, I ordered it during our second trip here.

Note that the menu stated SGD6.90++ but it’s actually SGD7.90++.

Yes, the tart base lived up to its name, it was indeed crispy and light.
The ganache filling was full of hazelnut aroma, texture was soft and silky smooth. We thought, hey, we are having Nutella!
On the milky chocolate side, towards 60% cocoa bitterness.

Laurent Bernard

Strawberry Chocolate Bar SGD12

I thought to browse the chocolate shop located in a small corner by the side. And the strawberry chocolate caught our attention.

Essentially, it’s made of white chocolate base mixed with blended strawberries puree.
Hint of sourness and some strawberry grits as the chocolate melting away on the tongue, I like it a lot.

See our first visit here.

Address: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-11 The Pier @ Robertson

3 thoughts on “Laurent’s Cafe & Chocolate Bar II (SG)

  1. Hi! Awesome blog you have here (: Should try Laurent Bernard’s lemon tart next time! Its really good as well! I just started a food blog, and would really appreciate it if you had a look and perhaps link me as well? :D

    Thank you so much!

  2. Hi Rach,
    Thanks for dropping by. I was going to say The Chocolate Bar @ MBS but I see that you’ve visited on your blog, what about the Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton, that’s like the classic place to go. You know, Hediard has wonderful chocolate products and desserts at Tudor Court. I’m not a chocolate expert, but a chocoholic for sure. Haven’t found a patisserie dedicated to purely chocolate desserts, 1 Caramel and The Patissier have this Double Chocolate Praline cake you might wanna try though, check out my Sweet Spot categories :) CHeers!

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