Seafood Macaroni Cheese

Macaroni Cheese with Furikake Topping

Macaroni cheese strikes again, after a long long time.

Do have a look at this recipe.

Smoked Salmon Macaroni Cheese

Topping wise, I had Parmesan shavings, Furikake flakes and smoked salmon slices to boot. To make it a seafood macaroni cheese version.

You know, this is a rather low fat version.

I managed to replace butter with extra virgin olive oil here and used low fat milk to build the white sauce.
I like olive oil taste, so it’s a little heavy olive tasting here.
An idea for you if you want to try something different.

breaking into the comfy cheesy macaroni

I am always reluctant or rather refuse to order macaroni cheese in a restaurant here.
Knowing I could make the same (or better?) at a much lower price.

Make your own, it’s something easy to make you proud of.


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