Antoinette (SG)

Le Royale SGD8++

 Chef Pang managed to surprise pastry fanatics like us by locating one of his newly launched pastry shops in a quieter corner near Lavender MRT.

Behold, there will be another one located at the prime Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery (soon to be launched).

I guess, the idea is simple. Having a shop along a quieter stretch of road, it’s like running into a pastry shop in Paris.
Open the door, and you are surprised with petit cakes, sweet baked goods and some simple hot soup and food.  Worked for me.

Antoinette's facade

 The door that’s awaiting sweet tooth searching for fine pastries far and near.

For this meal, we had 3 sweets, 2 hot drinks and 2 main courses. Yes baby.

Le Royale SGD8++

 Dark chocolate mousse, hazelnut crunch, chocolate sponge and … the textures and chocolatey combination were marvellous.

Viennesse Hot Chocolate SGD7.50++

 I ordered this straightaway when I saw hot chocolate served with chantilly whipped cream. A must try for the uninitiated ones.
The whipped cream served aside reminded us of the virgin trip to Paris where we literally gorged ourselves with the rich & thick chocolate drink from Angelina Cafe.

Beef Bourgoignon SGD28++

 We couldn’t resist ordering this French classic dish though we feared it might turned out unjustified for the price.
Well, it turned out that the price didn’t quite get justified for the portion.
However, the beef was cooked to sweet tenderness, served with a dollop of creamy pommes (potato) puree and blanched vegetables at the base, doused with the flavoursome beef jus.

Carbonara Gnocchi SGD16++

 I am a potato fanatic. Seeing this title on the menu got me so exited.
The gnocchi pieces were chewy and soaked up the smoky bacon and creamy sauce well. An ultimate comfort dish to me.
Quite a huge portion, it could easily satisfy a carbo junkie like me.

Religieuse of Caramel with fleur de sel S$8.00++

 I was struggling between the salted caramel tart or this salted caramel choux pastry.
The waiter attending to the cake counter was hard selling this one, so I thought what’s the harm trying it?

I wasn’t mightily impressed with choux pastry really (should have followed my feeling towards the tart *regret*).
The soft choux pastry exterior coated with salted caramel was too soft to my liking. Personal taste really.

Nougatine (Complimentary)

 No, this is not a complimentary dessert to certain credit card holders or due to new opening.

Nougatine here was made up of the similar elements to the one served at Canele Patisserie except for a different ensemble in a large glass cup.

It being a complimentary was because I found a strand of hair at the bottom of my gnocchi carbonara half way through,
I voiced my concern and have the dish returned.
They apologised, voided it off the bill and served a really sweet nougatine (as above) to make it up. Apology accepted!

And guess what, I am pining for this unfinished episode of gnocchi carbonara and that would be the item I’ll return to Antoinette for.

Address: 30 Penhas Road, Singapore (also at Mandarin Gallery ; at Scarlet Hotel)
Tel: +65 6293 3121


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