Continental Strudels and Pastries

Continental Strudels & Pastries Logo

I am going to show you strudels and nothing but strudels in this post!his bakery churns out Apple, Strawberry, Mango, Chocolate Banana flavours which I have tasted.

I am sure there are more which I haven’t tried out. And I am not able to find their webpage or Facebook page online.

I guess, for the Singaporeans who are reading this, you must be wondering… not Ritz strudels?

Chocolate Banana Strudel

Anyhow, here is a cover story for Continental Strudels based in Upper Bukit Timah Road too (which is near Ritz Strudel?)

I am fortunate to be able to have these sweets for our office tea time periodically.

Banana chocolate one was very indulging, do get a cup of coffee or tea while having this to wash down the sweetness.
Custard was lovely, smooth and on the sweet side. Coupled with the bitter chocolate drizzle and fresh firm banana chunks, what calorie count?

Mango Strudel

Do you hear the crackling sound of puff pastry layers?

Mango one was equally nice, quality sweet & juicy mango slices layered in there.

Personally, I prefer tart strawberries or apple fillings to counter the custard and buttery layers.

Strawberry Strudel

The strawberry slices hidden in the pastry layers were so fresh and plentiful. My Favourite one!

Well, I never had Ritz strudels before so can’t compare.
But the authentic German strudels are quite different from these ones here, the German strudel’s fillings are more robust typically and thinner pastry wrapping.

It’s different with Continental Strudels

Let’s hope there will be leftovers for tomorrow’s tea time.


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