Malacca Sights

This is my probably 5th visit to Melaka (Malacca) stretched over my lifetime.

Gladly, I had a different feel and new discoveries towards this historical city during each visit.

along Jonker Walk

 Thanks to our enthusiastic friend/tour guide who single handedly scheduled the 2 day 1 night trip from Singapore – Johor Bahru – Melaka (and back).

His enthusiasm to have all the local delicacies covered was amazing and we gladly obeyed.

During these 1 1/2 days, we had 6 full meals, 2 rounds of desserts (not to mention nibbles at night market) and 1 fast food trip!

I will have a series of Malacca Eats to be published soon. You will like it! Watch out this space!!

heritage houses in Malacca city centre

 The city centre is small enough and it’s concentrated in this area called Jonker Street.

Pretty much all the touristic spots are within walking distance of each other.

There are many intersecting back ways and lanes leading to the main Jonker Walk which is blocked out of traffic on every Saturday for a weekly night market.

another typical Chinese heritage house near Jonker Walk

There are many tasteful bistros/cafes dotted around, soothing blues music in the air while passing by shops after shops.

At every turn of the street, there is an eye-catching retro shop featuring intricate handy work and craftsmanship, as if it’s a crime if you don’t snap a picture to capture them.

overlooking Straits of Malacca at Portuguese Settlement

 The only grudge I had is the scorching sun while trudging through the lanes taking pictures and trying to admire the ancient architecture.

carvings telling story of Malacca's origin inside Dataran Pahlawan shopping centre
antique wooden door
intricate wood carving on the antique door
Capitol Satay Celup and the mad long queue at late night
River through Malacca at night
a small fraction of the decor seen at Cafe Limau Limau

 We stumbled upon this cafe which dare I say the best part of this trip.

A separate post on cafe limau limau is coming up.

variety of shell fish seen at seafood restaurant hub at Portuguese Settlement
seaside at Portuguese Settelment
seaside at Portuguese Settlement
a Chinese temple facade
cute wooden stools seen along Jonker Walk Sat night market
Fountain at the Malacca city centre square at night
Clock Tower

 This is the first time coming back here since I started this food/travel blog in 2009.

It’s funny that having a blog helped me to see the world differently!

the symbolic Christ Church
retro chopstick holders
Sotong Bakar (Grilled Cuttlefish)
a Mosque near Jonker Walk
a beautifully decorated facade of a Chinese house
random street shot near Jonker Walk
one of the famous local produces - aged concentrated honey lime
a interesting coffee shop serving all 13 states types of coffee in Malaysia
one of the red buildings at Jonker Walk

Love to be back here just to chill around the cafes.


5 thoughts on “Malacca Sights

  1. Augustdiners says:

    hey! i love seeing melaka at your photo angles, u carried it out well as it highlighted malacca as a historical town filled with histories, hope u enjoyed the food there as much as i had :)

  2. adel says:

    hey there,thx for ur compliments,i was surprised that i was still surprised by Malacca after all these years, and multiple trips :) wish i could capture CHeng Ho and A famosa traces next time.And yeah,ate too much,put on 2 kg after malacca,no kidding!

  3. adel says:

    He was a colleague of mine who knows Malacca well guided us through..didn’t use any tour company of such..probably a google search will land you sth? Good luck

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