Malacca Eats III: Nancy’s Kitchen

Menu page
Pie Tee appetiser

Crunchy & light pastry with subtle hot and refreshing fresh fillings.

our lunch banquet

The pineapple prawn dish was really good.

Kapitan curry was flavourful, tender chicken pieces in there.

homemade otah

Love the chunky fish and well rounded spice mix.

Check out another comprehensive review here.

Nancy’s Kitchen
15 Jalan

Hang Lekir 


2 thoughts on “Malacca Eats III: Nancy’s Kitchen

  1. PY says:

    Hmmm can you rem if the kapitan got coconut milk? Been trying to find a really old school sans coconut milk kapitan for my family.

  2. adel says:

    I didn’t taste any coconut milk in this Kapitan Curry, can’t promise you it’s 100% free, it could be minimal amount…

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