Malacca Eats Finale: all the bits in between

one of the popular chicken rice shops in Malacca, expect a mad long queue on weekends
famous chicken rice balls, only in Malacca
the hard work behind the chicken rice
Donal & Lily dessert shop
Donald & Lily's nyonya cendol (i was told)
Donal & Lily's nyonya rojak
the satay broth for famous Malacca
radish cake at Jonker Walk on Sat night, it was quite bad actually
Sun dim sum breakfast spread at an old coffee shop
the popular dim sum items - lotus leaf wrapped rice (ho yik fan), glutinous chicken rice (lo mai gai)
the famous big pao (da bao)
A&W root beer with a vanilla scoop (not available in Singapore)
the Ba Kut Teh (Song Fa) breakfast at Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru to start of the trip

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