Nasi Lemak on stilt houses in JohorBahru (M’sia)

the entrance to the late night Nasi Lemak supper feast

I had a blast spending a short weekend in JB catching up with relatives who travelled from all directions in Malaysia and Singapore.

We had a birthday banquet for our 70 year old uncle.

On Sun night, we decided to check out this famed late night Nasi Lemak shop near the straits before bidding farewell the next day.

overlooking Straits of Johor at the Nasi Lemak restaurant
Nasi Lemak with Chicken Sambal RM6

There was not much difference between chicken rendang and chicken sambal.

Rendang version means the chicken thigh was cooked in rendang spices which the plate was still served with a dollop of sambal sauce.

Whereas, sambal version had the chicken cooked in sambal sauce and served with the exact same sambal sauce.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang RM6

The items were not served hot, rather on a little luke warm side.

Only the fragrant coconut steamed rice was served hotter relatively.

The poppadum on the plate was really crunchy and addictive.

Put aside your the fear for not so hygienic handling of the food, close your eyes to everything else but nasi lemak in front of you, the view and the company.

another shot of the Nasi Lemak feast with cousins


Nasi Lemak Belauk at Senibong, Johor Bahru, Malaysia


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