Fairmont Singapore Snowskin Mooncake 2011 (SG)

Fairmont snowskin mooncake box

We bought a box of this at S$45- in early August.

the introduction to the medley of snowskin mooncake

The packaging is certainly not environmentally friendly, it’s a solid and well textured box.

Just in time for keeping my used travelling tickets, brochures and knits-gnats.

the colourful snow skin mooncake

Rocher Chocolate Centre

The crushed nuts and chocolate centre was undoubtedly a favourite combination of mine.

Quite some crunch and texture to add to the overall soft white lotus paste and snow skin wrap.

Baileys and Chocolate Centre

Apart from the above Rocher Chocolate flavour, the rest would be alcoholic ones.

Baileys and chocolate blended well for sure. Fragrance of Baileys complemented the white lotus paste well, a surprise to me.

Rum and Raisin (left) Champagne Truffle (right)


Champagne truffle is the best of its league.
The potent champagne came in the form of molten lava that burst in your mouth after biting through the white chocolate crust.

Rum & Raisin was pretty good too.
Well presented, no lack of rum and specked with plump rum soaked raisin in the centre too.

Fairmont Snowskin Mooncake range is all I ever need (of her kind) during this upcoming Mid Autumn Festival.

Now, let me look out for cute paper lanterns and the traditional baked moon cakes.



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