Dim Sum @ Crystal Jade Dining In (SG)

the cosy table setting

We finally made our way to one of the fine dining restaurants under Crystal Jade.

And I heard the dim sums here were of quality and standard.

table setting

If you come in pairs during peak lunch hours, you will be mostly likely asked to share the long table with other diners.

Which would be a little squashed, but the decor of the room was posh.

In black & red Chinese decor, a level up from the round tables located near the sea view overlooking Sentosa island.

Pan fried radish cake

One of my favourite dim sum items.

The whiff of radish arrived before the plate was presented.

Pan fried radish cake - inside

Bountiful radish shreds and minimal flour to bind made this dish very honestly delicious.

Crispy outside too.

Har Cheong Fun

The layout of the har cheong fun is a little different from the standard ones where three pieces were laid out.

One long stretch of the cheong fun with individually wrapped bouncy prawn was just as good.

Fried shrimp dumpling

Sweet juicy prawns inside and crunchy pastry skin outside, what’s not to like?

har gow

The har gow filling was bursting with bouncy shrimp and some light flavourful shrimp juice

whereas the opaque rice flour skin was thin and stretchy enough to support the filling.

Deep fried beancurd skin wrapped shrimp

All together, we had three types of fried items. They were all freshly prepared.

The above was served with light black vinegar, crispy beancurd skin and springy shrimp fillings. Perfect.

lau sar bao (steamed custard buns)

I love salted egg yolk buns aka custard buns.

The molten yolk flew out as soon as I open up the buns.

The only drawback was that the custard was too little for the size of the bun.

See Royal China version and you will get what I mean.

deep fried mango shrimp toast

If you are a deep fried food junkie.

This dish will satisfy you greatly.

The oh-so fragrant sesame seeds on the pastry skin combined with shrimp & mango inside was addictive.

For this dim sum lunch, we spent about SGD40.

Service here was polite and efficient. The waitresses were lovely.

Beware of the younger waiter (a chap) with some unbecoming attitude problems whom I shall not allow to spoil my lunch.

I highly recommend this outlet for a heartwarming dim sum treat.

–Added on 11 Sept 2011–

spinach prawn dumplings - thin rice flour skin and bursting with soft spinach and bouncy shrimp goodness inside,highly recommended

Address: 1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-112 VivoCity, Singapore

Tel: +65 6278 5626


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