Cakes/Pastries Compilation I

Emicakes' famous D24 Durian Puff SGD17 for a box of 12

I like the generous pure durian filling sandwiched between the two puffs.

After thawing for nearly 1 hour, the filling was still on a little icy side. Puffs lost their stiffness.

Goodwood Park Deli puffs were better structured, also more expensive for smaller sizes.

Patisserie Glace's Strawberry Shortcakes

Patisserie Glace previous review

Patisserie Glace's Mango Chiffon Cake

Artease bubble milk tea from Esplanade branch

I know these are sweet drinks, couldn’t help to display them here.

Love the packaging, don’t quite like the drinks though.

I prefer Gong Cha.

Rum & Cherry Chocolate Cake from Awfully Chocolate

Awfully Chocolate previous review

We bought a 6″ cake for just two of us to last us through 4 days (hopefully) of sweet treats.

Top view of Rum & Cherry Chocolate Cake from Awfully Chocolate

F1 car made up of MACARONS!

close up of the macaron body on the life-size F1 car

Carousel pastry shop housed in Royal Plaza on Scotts hotel.

close up of the front wheel

the massive ingredients went into the car

life-size F1 macaron car, yum!

List of sweets

  • Carousel deli (Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel)
  • Emicakes (island wide)
  • Artease (Esplanade)
  • Patisserie Glace (Icon Village)
  • Awfully Chocolate (island wide)

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