Torte’s torte (SG)

I read about torte from Torte online.

Saw the pictures of this luscious little thing.

Torte SGD3.50

After work, craving hit.

I had to search for it.

Got off at St Joseph’s Church, turned on the GPS on my iPhone and put in faith onto the gadget to lead me to torte.

another shot of torte

Found it!

The shop front was petit, white wash, with outdoor seating.

I’m sure there are indoor seating, probably at the back of the main reception area where the cake counters are.

The torte was as claimed by other reviews, very dense.

The friendly chef told me to warm up the torte in the microwave for about 20 seconds if I were to have it warm.

I prefer cold and dense bitter chocolate so left it as it is.

I could imagine it being better with a scoop of ice-cream to smooth it out as you would have it at Torte restaurant.

 Please try it if you are around the area (Bugis / City Hall).

strawberry cheesecake SGD5.50 (ah!bad picture)

I am a cheese lover.

There were three flavours of cheesecake available during the Thurs evening.

The overall cheese filling was dense and tangy tasting, which needed a bit of polishing up.

I could taste specks of lemon juice in the cheese filling which rendered it to be a little weird tasting.

However, the biscuits base was crunchy.

Check out Sparklette’s comprehensive review on Torte!!

Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations Centre Building
96 Waterloo Street
Singapore 187967
Tel: +65 6571 0197


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