Goodwood Park Deli (SG)

The Singapore famous Durian Puff (S$5.20 for two) from Goodwood Park Hotel deli counter.

The well made choux pastry buns with light and airy durian paste filling were a perfect match.

From the same deli, here is the Durian Mousse Cake S$9/slice.

The soft durian spong layers with durian mousse (full of pulps) were another successful combination.

The cake crumbs on top were so light and delightful.

Durian Espresso Cake S$9/piece

I told myself I had to take this cake as I was so curious about the combination of espresso and durian!

And boy, I was surprised. Who would thought that strong coffee compliments this pungent tropical fruit so well.

The light bitterness in the slightly gelatinous espresso layer played well with the thick pulpy durian mousse.

Address: 22, Scotts Road, Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel



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