Tampopo Deli (SG)

The vanilla-ey cream filling was thick and pastry was firm. I wouldn’t say it’s better than Beard Papa’s variety, just different.

A Japanese bakery it is. They had a whole lot of other tempting flavours for chiffon cake which are beautifully decorated.

Cream Puff S$2.50 each

Tampopo Deli's Matcha Strawberry Chiffon Cake S$5.80/slice

They have a wide delectable range of chiffon cakes.

Love the soft sponges and green tea flavour, went so well with the sweet strawberry and freshly whipped light cream.

Tampopo Deli's Mont Blanc S$6-

The tart shell was nice, firm and not overly buttery as K.Ki one. Inside, the cream filling tasted too milky but alright.

The chestnut icing around was lacking in chestnut flavour, but we found solace in the chesnut bits coated with chocolate near the tart base.

Try them out!

Address:  177 River Valley road #B1-16 Liang Court


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