Blackbird Cafe (SG)

Latte SGD 5++

I came here straight after work on a Friday evening.

Served a cup of fragrant latte to perk the evening up before starting on a mini weekend shopping spree.

The cafe was already occupied with big groups and smaller tables with reserved signage all around.

So, I was ushered to the sofa corner at the back of the cafe.


 It was nice, away from the noises.

Only disadvantage was facing the male bathroom door.

It was alright, not that much traffic during the 6pm-7pm.

comfy couch


fish & chips SGD12++

What impressed me the most was the ultra crispy batter spiced up with tumeric and dried herbs.

Moist dory white fillets inside.

Don’t know about you, eversince I went to Melbourne on a solo trip last year.

I fell in love with the combination of fish & chips and a cuppa.

This session reminded me of that, nothing beats a cuppa in the midst of cold spring weather back there,
here in Singapore, the latte was a reward of a hard day’s work.


close up of the chips

The chunky moist chips were flavoured with some curry powder concoction.

Hard to find flat wide chips in Singapore, glad to have them here.

The whole dish was on a spicy note.

Great attempt to bring in Asian flavours.

the table, stools and facing a bathroom door

I look forward to be back with more companies.

The egg Benedict, French onion soups and some sweets to try with a cup of perhaps cold coffee.

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Address: 6 Handy Road, The Luxe (beside The Cathay)


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