Brunetti (SG)

Brunetti take-away box

 Brunetti, an Italian pastry shop washed on shore finally, all the way from Australia.

I missed it the last trip to Melbourne, so the opening of Brunetti at Tanglin Mall couldn’t make me happier.

vanilla cannoli (mini size S$2.50)

Since I watched Godfather movie (only 3 yeas back), I am curious about cannoli.

All these while, just never got around to get my hands on it. I guess, Singapore is lacking a true blue quality Italian pastry shop.

cake counter

more pastries and more ...

chocolate fondant (mini size S$2.50)

Brunetti is certainly well tuned to the mini cake trends.

There’s a great selection of mini cake for the calorie conscious but taste hungry ones out there.

There are crunchy chocolate layers between the moist cake layers.

Bitter and luscious chocolate cake in smaller calories, you just got to get one of these.

The normal sized cakes are all around S$7.50 each slice.

maracoon at S$2 each (tiramisu and chocolate flavours here)

 I am surprised at these reasonably priced macarons.

Tiramisu has crunchy shells and tiramisu-y ganache with two layers of flavourings, good one.

Chocolate macaron is a classic choice, the shells were on the chewier side, ganache was adequately sweetened, impressed.

tiramisu macaroon's after a few dainty bites, the inside

Next trip (very soon), I need to grab baby along to dig into their
big  rum & raisin cheesecake, pudding texture like hot chocolate (on a blog), Italian coffee and Opera cakes

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Address: 163 Tanglin Road, #01-35, Tanglin Mall, Singapore
Brunetti Facebook


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