Toby’s Estate (SG)

I chanced upon an online article about another coffee-true shop sprouting up,
and it’s at Robertson Quay, just a few doors down from Kith Cafe.

A search indicates it’s a Australian coffee chain pride herself in sourcing quality coffee beans, tea leaves and even hot chocolate is a thought-up drink.

Here are the few links where the bloggers were at the media launch showing comprehesive pictures and zoomed in coffee gadgets, and so I will spare further introduction. And make this a pictorial one.

Love the airy room inside here, and I would avoid crowded and uncomfortable seating at Kith Cafe anytime to come in here from now on.


Flickr User on Ghana Hot Chocolate (outside SG)

Fever Avenue

Gastronomy Ruminications 

the long communal table


where barista is

water bottle


see the coffee bean roaster near entrance?

Hot Chocolate

Frothy milk swirl atop.

Underneath, the thick and slightly milky hot chocolate was so comforting.

You go Toby’s!

Address: 8 Rodyk Street #01-03/04, Singapore 238216

Toby’s Estate Singapore Facebook


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