Blackbird Cafe II (SG)

Macchiato SGD5.50++

1st visit , I had an early dinner over fish & chips and a cup of latte.

Just within one week, I returned because couldn’t find anywhere else uncrowded on a Friday evening (~8.30pm).

This time round, bebe had fish & chips and I had the shepherd’s pie.

New Zepherd’s Pie SGD12++

Note that we ordered items under their Snacks categories,

the main courses here are priced at SGD15++ onwards.

Anyhow, the shepherd’s pie came with soft minced lamb which was fortunately not gamey tasting, yay (had bad experience as Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub at East Coast Park).

However, the tomato meat gravy was over sweetened, so I keep dousing Tabasco to counter it.

Then, it turned out more and spicy, just the way I like.

If you haven’t been there, check it out. There are outdoor seating too.

~~ added on 21 Oct 2011 ~~

Tiramisu S$7++

Dropped by here for dessert and blackforest ice blend (S$9++) which was pretty good where fresh cherries were used.

Back to tiramisu, the mascaporne was airy, lady fingers were well soaked with liquer.

Overall, a well structured one. Recommended!


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