Marmalade Toast II

The first visit, I merely managed to reach just before closing time.

So, took away Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake (S$5.50) which was great.

chocolate truffle cake SGD5.50

This time round, I got to be around town on a Monday lunch time, yes!

So, I sat in at the corner after ordering the chocolate truffle cake and nothing else but that for lunch.

I was told the cakes offered by Marmalade group is large and you need two mouths to complete it.

I was hungry, being a chocoholic, I wasn’t fazed by the size and challenged to down it all by myself.

side profile of the chocolate truffle cake - luscious

Trust me, I finished it in 20 minutes time with just a glass of tap water at the side.

Yup! Ok, I left only 1cmX1cm morsel.

That lasted me until dinner!

Back to the chocolate truffle cake, there are rich layers of chocolate mousse between the soft chocolate sponges.

Not dark enough though but good enough.

I will be back for it in another while.


One thought on “Marmalade Toast II

  1. if they have it, try the old fashioned fudge cake. i think it’s the same cake as marmalade pantry but at a cheaper price!

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