Spinelli (SG)

Coco Paradiso ($5.90 set) with Costa Rica Organic Brew (ANZ card promo)

I could count the number of times patronising Spinelli coffee chain, this is like the second time more or less.

Coco Paradiso (S$4.20) is one of the two newly launched cakes (Mocha Choco being another flavour), tasted surprisingly pleasing.

It reminded me vividly of my favourite guilty pleasures – Bounty milk chocolate!

For a slice of cake, you just got to have a hot cup of tea or coffee to accompany it.

My cup of organic brew went down well with the desiccated coconut flakes atop, firm chocolate sheets between the coconut sponges.

Spinelli outdoor seating at Orchard Central

And from this stormy rain afternoon, I found out that the branch at Orchard Central is pretty nice.

Watching the rain went by and the panic passer -bys from the al-fresco couches while holding a cuppa, quite an afternoon.

Address: Level 2, Orchard Central, Singapore

Capuccino (Regular) S$5.30 and Apple Crumble S$5.50

The apple crumble was pretty good actually, springy stewed apple cubes…

Coffee was alright.

Visited the outlet due to bank card voucher :)


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