Gurney Drive (SG)

Penang Assam Laksa S$6.90++

I thought about it, if I were to be granted a last meal, what would it be?

Yup, it’s assam laksa.

The assam laksa broth here was a little salty.

Overall, it was passable. One feature I have to commend is the authentic chewy thick noodles adapted here.

Not the ordinary reconstituted dry thick bee hoon (rice noodle) used generally at other Penang food establishments.

Ice Tea S$1.90++

What’s so great about this ice tea? It’s ubiquitous in SE Asia.

This rendition had a great mix of milk and tea, the foam at the top made it all supreme for some reason.

Just me I guess, I liked this ice tea a lot for its balanced taste.

Ice Cendol S$2.50++

 This is the most reasonably priced cendol I have come across for its quality.

Underneath the pile of ice shavings, there was an honest bunch of kidney beans and thick palm sugar syrup (gula melaka) together with coconut milk in abundance.

After mixing up the ingredients with the metal soup spoon, you will be rewarded with a sweet and satisfying ending.

Service here is prompt and polite.

Make your payment at the cashier at the entrance if you want to leave sooner.

~~~ on 3rd Visit~~~

We had the Penang Char Keow Tiao (SGD5.90++) – lots of crispy lard pieces and Chinese sausage slices.


Rojak S$4.90++

Address: Suntec City Mall,  #B1-058 Fountain Terrace, Singapore 038983
Operation Hour  : 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
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