Pavé II (SG)

the cake counter

This monsoon October is driving me nuts!

Trapped at home whole day on a public holiday, and finally we braved the intermittent drizzle between downpour to have dinner at Katong area.

If you are familliar with this stretch of  East Coast Road  which is my favourite hood, you could find artisan gelato – Coccogelo, next to another sweet bakery & cafe Temptations, next to Pavé confectionery.

Then, for the Western food lovers, just a few doors down is Astons Specialities (serving inexpensive cuts), and a hidden gem around the corner – Savéur (inside Ali Baba Eating House) serving French food at food court price!

Man, you could literally have 5-course meal just along this stretch without breaking the bank.

the cabinet of chocolate bars and all things chocalatey

After an early dinner at Astons, we thought it was apt to have a nice dessert to chase away the apocalyptic feel on the Wed evening here.

There were not many choices at that time, the signature dessert wasn’t around too.

So, a pick-me-up (Tiramisu) was the best bet.

Tiramisu S$7.90

 Since I’m neither into alcohol nor caffeine, the subtler hint of both elements here hit the spot for me.

And I love the addition of molten dark chocolate at the centre of it.

another top down shot of Tiramisu

I guess I just have to make another trip down here for their signature dessert to be available.

And probably the dark chocolate soufflé  too.

other reviews …


Address: 93 East Coast Road Singapore 428792



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