Soup Spoon (SG)

Simon and Garfunkel Chicken and Mushroom Ragout 425kcal (Regular) - S$8.90(Large)

I’m sure whoever lives in Singapore has seen this chain store expanding rapidly at most malls with MRT stations and prime locations.

We happen to like the one at Vicocity as it is a mere few metres away from the cinema, as a late dinner.

This chicken and mushroom cream soup served the purpose to beat the hunger and persistent cold feet & hands brought on by the rainy days. I like to add a dash of Tabasco to such creamy soup, to lift it up.

Beef Goulash 307kcal (Regular) - S$9.90 bread bowl portion

The guys ordered the bread bowl with beef goulash, it was quite a mistake as the soft bread soaked up the stock too well.

In the end, it was like having gravy with bread where the base flavour of goulash was taken away by the bread. Unless, you like gravy and soggy bread.

I guess, this is one of the healthier versions of fast food chain store, like Subway to return to from time to time for quick meal fix at more ease and less guilt.

I look forward to more new soup creations they are churning out.


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