Old Town White Coffee Signature (KL)

Cold Ipoh White Coffee (RM4.30)

Ah…finally, a long awaited 5 day trip after one whole year of being trapped.

No overseas, just further from JB and Malacca, in Kuala Lumpur it was.

It was good to have an ice cold smooth and charcoal-ish Ipoh white coffee to start the day off.

Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun (Dry) RM8.50

The translucent, silky smooth and slightly bouncy texture of Ipoh hor fun was good here.

And the sauce concoction turned out well, and yes, there is such thing in Ipoh old kopitiam.

Just without those toppings, typically come with chopped spring onion instead.

I was shocked at the pricing here, a high jump from the last visit.

I remembered RM6.50 thereabout for hot food a year ago. RM8.50 onward now.

Anyways, I needed to convert every food items and meals into SGD to make myself feel better, I have to.

This commercialised chain store is across whole of East and West Malaysia as well as Singapore.

 Service we have met at Jalan Bukit Bintang (KL) branch wasn’t great, slow service, dish forgotten, waited for more than 25 mins.

The same speaks for most branches in Malaysia really.



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