Madam Kwan’s (KL)

Assam Laksa RM13.90++

It’s a tradition for us to stop by Madam Kwan once, twice or even thrice every time we are in Kuala Lumpur (KL) for a short stay.

Assam Laksa is my must-order to start off the KL trip on a sour fish broth with the chewy noodles.

Price has gone up quite a bit since my last trip a year ago.

Nasi Lemak (Malaysian Style) RM15.90++

This is another favourite dish of ours.

The flavourful and rich tender chicken rendang to go with the fragrant coconut infused rice, served with a side marinated salad (achar).

Char Keow Tiao (CKT) SGD16.90++

We each had a plate of CKT on a second occasion at Suria KLCC branch.

Huge portion, soft and bouncy rice noodles. It got great flavour, just lacking a little bit of wok hei punch.

Madam Kwan is considered a one-stop for visitors to try out Malaysian hawker food with good quality and a wide variety.

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Suria KLCC
Lot 420/421 Level 4
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
Tel: +60-3-2026 2297/8

Mid Valley
Lot F502 1st Floor, East Atrium
Tel: +60-3-2287 2297/8

KL Pavilion
Lot 1.16 Level 1
Tel: +60-3-2143 2297/6

and more branches elsewhere
Madam Kwan’s | Facebook


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