Canton-i (KL)

Roast Duck Wonton Mee RM13.90++

Bebe ordered the wonton noodle, he liked the well seasoned sauce which was on the sweet side, chewy wonton noodle was cooked perfectly.

Sure, the roast duck skin was crispy and delicious, just that the cuts given ain’t great, they were near the neck part, bony and tough meat. If thigh meat was served instead, it would have been a blast.

Anyway, I wanted to try Canton-i for quite a while now.

Saw its branch in Singapore situated inside ION Orchard mall but somehow didn’t have then motivation to try it out.

During this KL trip, I knew it was the chance to try out this Malaysia origin restaurant chain.

XO Stir Fried Radish Cake RM11.80++

There is a list of TOP 10 popular dishes on display.

And this XO Radish Cake is no doubt one of it.

We made the right choice! The chunky radish cubes had a great crispy crust on the outside, well-flavoured with the XO shrimp sauce.

Enough wok hei to carry through. Loved it!

Scallop & Spinach Dumplings RM6.80++

We skipped the normal har gow, siew mai, har cheong fun items this time.

So ordered something else, and this seemed to be the only seafood we had for this Sat breakfast.

The skin was very thin, and a little sticky though. Great presentation with the small dollop of shrimp roe atop the steam scallop slices.

Inside dumplings, there were some prawn chunks and spinach.

Salted yolk custard buns RM5.80++

Our tradition of Hong Kong dim sum is to have at least a basket of lao sar bao.

The normal serving portion only consist of two baos. Strange, steamed dim sum basket comes with 3 to 4 items normally no?

Anyhow, the golden yolk custard was flowing and tasted very savoury. Nice take. Take note that the baos are small sized.

Overall, we enjoyed our dim sum here a lot. I would bring my parents here next time round.

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Address: Canton-i, The Gardens, Mid Valley City, LG 202 & 203A, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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