K Ki revisited (SG)

First visit here.

On a rainy Saturday afternoon, I was early for an appointment nearby.

I took the excuse to savour a piece of cake from K Ki while waiting for the time to come.

the little store

I managed to snap a few pictures around this little cozy and bright room during the intermittent of patrons coming in and out.

the gorgeous array of petit cakes

Chocolate Mousse with Raspberry SGD8.50+

I had a hard time deciding between the Chocolate Coffee Dome and this one called Little Red Riding Hood.

I was glad to encounter the tart raspberry compote against the light and smooth chocolate mousse, the shiny chocolate glaze enveloping the structure was so luxurious.

Sure, the petit cakes here are on the high side, however the quality matched the price.

Freshly made in house, limited to a few pieces per day.

I hope I’ll be early again for the next appointment nearby just to grab an excuse to be here.

Little Red Riding Hood's inside shows a prominent raspberry filling encased within chocolate mousse


One thought on “K Ki revisited (SG)

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