Triple-O’s (SG)

whimsical Christmas tree at The Food Garden

A brand new building was erected in CBD area, across from Lau Pa Sar food court, behind The Bank Bistro.

Asia Square is the name.

And Asia Square Tower 1 houses a mixture of food stalls with seats and restaurants across two levels.

lovely garden themed chairs and green hues

I guess the eateries here being in CBD do get cold shoulders from the traffic on especially Friday evening, perhaps it’s too new and not publicised yet.

An escalator up brought us to the spanking new garden themed food court Food Garden.

Triple O’s – a gourmet burger chain (think Carl’s Junior quality) from Canada set up its first franchise in Singapore here.

poutine (SGD3 top up for set meal)

Thick fries doused in commercial tasting gravy (KFC’s mashed potato gravy alike) and grated cheese.

Not bad and not smashing great either.

chocolate milkshake (SGD2.40 top up for set meal)

Milkshake was thick and pretty good.

I would imagine stopping by here to take away one for dessert after a meal from the nearby food court stalls.

mushroom beef burger (part of the SGD21.10 set meal)

Now, the patties here tasted fresh. Yet oddly familiar, like McDonald’s, just not as salty and dry.

The pickles and big slab of juicy mushroom were impressive. Overall, a good burger.

My grudge was the high price tag for fast food. $1 or $2 cheaper could land me a much better tasting and juicier Carl’s Junior anytime.

That being said, it’s still worth checking out.

Check out another review by atetoomuch.

Address: Asia Square Tower 1 (Across from Wendys @ Lao Pa Sat), Food Garden Area


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