Häagen-Dazs ®(SG)

Paradise S$18++

November is my favourite month of the year.

It’s my birthday month, when I could use birthday vouchers sent in from different retails shops.

Not only that. I love the anticipation building up leading to Christmas, then international New year, and of course followed by Chinese New year.

close up

After a birthday dinner with a group of four, it was just a perfect number to have Haagen Dazs creation desserts (1-for-1 voucher) to close the meal.

One serving came with 6 scoops of different flavours.

The buttery crunchy waffles, almond flakes and raspberry and chocolate sauce made it all so good together.

This was actually the first ever time for me to dine in Haagen Dazs cafe.

The price tag is on the high side, but with such birthday offer and a group of good companies. It’s worthwhile.

Address: situated right at the entrance of ground floor of Centrepoint shopping mall, Orchard Road.


Häagen-Dazs ® Singapore

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