Tippling Club (SG)

counter seat overlooking chefs in action, a very nice interior placed in the midst of lush greeneries

the hanging booze …

the cool looking home made crockery rest

 I implied to bebe  good two months ago of the restaurants on my list, e-mailed him a list to choose from for my birthday lunch.

So, no nasty surprises nor disappointment. Yes, quite a control freak I am.

Mojito! S$22++

 I am not into booze and so I don’t get it why cocktail costs so much in general.

Anyhow, being a birthday event, we had to order one cocktail each to toast.

This Mojito was downright crisp and  bold.

Scrumpy Fizz S$25++

I had a fruity & frothy cocktail mix. Boy, it was anything else but subtle.

Amuse bouche -1st round (charred pepper with soya sauce & wasabi emulsion froth)

Loved the smoky taste and the crispy outer charcoal layer.

Amuse bouche-2nd round (sous vide potato leek cube w/caviar atop,potato leek soup inside the tube)

 The potato leek soup poured out from the tube was really delicious, cold version of course.

Presentation was so catchy.

S$55++ for a 3-course set lunch.

Starter  – vegetable gnocchi

 According to the waiter, chef will vary the gnocchi construction randomly, previously was mushroom, today is carrot.

Mind you, these gnocchi were made of a mixture of flour and etc to resemble carrots, they tasted so fresh, crunchy and full on carrot-y.

Starter  – tuna tartare

The tuna was actually from Australia, then to Japan and finally Singapore.

The whole combination with wakameme, bursting petits berries and pretty red dollops was an unfamilliar territory to my palette yet very inviting.

Main course – Wagyu beef cheek (72 hours) with marinated sago and more….

Ryan Cliff (chef) presented this dish with such poignancy while explaning the ingredients and method of cooking going into the dish.

Melting tender beef and starchy sago to match (you’re not missing potato puree here at all), spectacular!

Main course – Lemon sole a la francaise (with bacon, peas and butter)

These fillets were cooked to downright rustic and delicious flavours, no funky stuff going on here.

Dessert – White truffle cheese with honey and toast

Two white truffles!

Nah…they resembled white truffles alright which are actually made of goat cheese dusted with fine powders made of … (no idea) , no gamey taste, but utter nuttiness. Great textures.

The seasoned honey lava served aside when drizzled onto a morsel of ‘white truffle’ and the toasty garlic breads, sweet & savoury ending it was.

Who would have thought of such wonderful combination?

Dessert – Dempsey Hill

We witnessed the liquid nitrogen poured out making this crunchy, nutty and chocolatey ‘hill’.

Pistachio-checked, chocolate-checked, green tea-checked…

All my favourite ingredients put onto a plate, served with a crunch!

entrance door

It is very rare for fine dining to be featured on this blog, even more on molecular gastronomy.

So, hope you have enjoyed the pictures as much as I did.

This being a birthday lunch treat, it was a fantastic, refreshing and tasteful experience.

Being in Dempsey Hill, hop over to Jones the Grocer for coffee, perhaps other shops too for part deux of desserts.

Address: 8D Dempsey Road  249672
Tel No: 6475 2217



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