Maison Kayser (SG)

Ooo la la…before opening of Paul Boulangerie on imminent Christmas day, I stumbled upon Maison Kayser facade a few weeks back, and then

discovered that it just opened last Friday.

the view from the escalator

the patisserie selection

boulangerie section

more baked goods

my selection

As I am posting this, I haven’t got to my breakfast of croissant (S$2.40+) and vienoise chocolat yet.

The tart bascilia (S$4.40+, it’s not chocolate tart)was a straight forward one. Filling was hit with an equally strong coffee taste to bring out the chocolate-ness. Perfect traditional firm and clean tart base.

Citron tart‘s (S$4.40+) filling was really tart! So, that deterred bebe from having another bite. I guess for female, we are more akin to sourness. Good for me, I had the whole tart to myself, and I thought the custard was great, just have some hot beverage aside to ease the savouring process.

The chocolate eclair (S$3.50+)was good. Firm pastry all around, thick chocolate mousse piped inside, bitter sweet chocolate glaze outside. Again, straightforward, done right and well.

Vienoise Chocolat S$2.80+ 

I actually went back to Maison Kayser later on to get refunds on the overcharged items, so be mindful!

Expect the unseasoned and  confused counter staff adjusting to the occasional surges of curious customers who have and haven’t tasted a piece of Eric Kayser’s baked good, even during early 5pm on weekday (which was the time I bought mine).

Note that GST of 7% will be charged at the final bill, not displayed on the price tags.

Address: #B1, Scotts Square, Scotts Road (a short walk from Tangs departmental store)
Closing time is 8pm this week, 9pm starting next week (presumably next Monday onwards)


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