Delicious (M’sia)

I only knew about this Malaysian cafe chain based in KL upon seeing the tempting cake display at Scotts Square (Singapore) branch.

the light interior

During a short weekend at Sunway Pyramid, I was glad to meet a branch there.

After grabbing a Mexican coffee bun from Roti Boy (famous bakery chain in Malaysia), we stopped by here for tea.

the cake counter

The desserts portions here are huge. Perfect for sharing and more or less value for money too.

Banofee Pie RM11.90++

 Whoever been to Britain must have come across this classic dessert at some point.

The version here was condensed to an individual tart (considering the typical one comes in at least a 6″ pie dish).

Overall, it was decent. Please top up the caramel inside, just too little.

Strawberry Cheesecake RM14.90++

The cheesecake’s creamy texture, not cloying, almost on light and airy side, ordinary flavour.

I expected strawberry swirls within the cheesecake but dissapointed.

The strawberry sauce atop was not bad.

Sure, I am keen to be back to try out their lemon meringue tart and chocolate based desserts.

Address: LG2.55 & LG2.55A, Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Selangor, Malaysia.


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